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The sun in out, the skies are blue and the patio is quickly becoming your favorite summer destination. Whether, eating, entertaining or lounging, make your favorite escape look and feel the way it’s meant to with these brilliant ideas brought to you by Pinterest.

Number 1: No Phone Zone – Conversation Area

A popular design idea this summer is to create cozy conversation areas by grouping seating around a coffee table or fire pit. This is a brilliant way to get your guests to put their smart phone away and enjoy the great outdoors and of course, the company. If you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on luxurious pieces, ready-to-assemble furniture is the way to go. You can find the perfect fit for your patio at your local home improvement store, or pre-assembled furniture stores like IKEA. Check out this pin for more inspiration.

Number 2: Path to Happiness – Pavers

Pavers are the number one way to extend your living space outdoors, they are also a great way to personalize your landscape and enhance your patio. There is an abundance of shapes, colours, materials and sizes to choose from – making sure that you’re unique style is accounted for. Best part – they are easy to install, inexpensive to repair and keep your grass in tip-top shape. Check out this Do-It-Yourself pin on how to add in pavers and upgrade the appearance of your backyard:

Number 3: Enchanted Oasis – Iron Arbors

One of the best places to relax and enjoy the weather in under a shaded arbour. It’s also a great way to add style and elegance into any backyard project. Whether reading a book under the shade or entertaining guests, an arbor is a sure way to make a lasting impression. For a rustic feel, intertwine some vines and add branches onto your arbor. To check out some arbor options, click here.

Number 4: Let There Be Light – LED Lighting

Lights can change the look and feel of the most ordinary of places. Since lighting is as versatile as your backyard, you can choose to hang up your lamps or simply add in some solar lamps around the patio. Although costlier, LED lighting is a favorite because it’s Eco-friendly and will save you money in the long run.

Number 5: The Green Way – Garden

A trending summer project this year is a raised garden. Raised garden beds are making gardening easier and more efficient by segregating an area of the yard for planting. If there is not enough space in your backyard, add in some hanging plants or container gardens. For a real summer treat, you can try growing some of your own veggies and herbs. For more tips and tricks on gardening, check out this pin: