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Nothing quite compliments your outdoor space like the smooth, clean lines of ornamental iron fence. Here are three main reasons why you should consider installing an iron fence around your backyard pool:


The visual appeal of iron fence doesn’t go unnoticed. Whether you opt for a decorative profile or a more classic, simple option, you’re getting good looks either way.

If you’re looking for iron fence to install around your pool, check out our Gem Collection. Our Tiger Eye and Coral profiles are especially popular, but any option is sure to stun.


Good looks aside, installing iron fence around your pool also ensures that your family and pets stay safe.

You can breathe a little easier knowing that your kids can only get into the pool area when you decide and when you can keep an eye on them. We have self-closing gate kits – which are mandatory to be up-to-code in many municipalities, and you can pair that with a lock-box upgrade too.

We also love iron fencing around pools for safety since you can still easily see through to the pool and keep an eye on anyone in there.


The effects of countless cannonball splashes spraying against your fence take their toll and will have your fence looking worse than it should for its age—unless you choose iron fence.

Our iron fence profiles are finished with our premium powder-coated black finish, galvalume coating or e-coating to ensure that your new investment stays pristine for as long as possible.

So, across a few fronts, the benefits of installing iron fence around your pool are clear. Elevate your pool area with the timeless beauty of iron fencing. It offers unbeatable visual appeal, top-notch safety features, and exceptional durability. Explore our Gem Collection and ensure the safety of your family with our self-closing gate kits. Your perfect poolside paradise awaits!