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Just because the snow and cold weather are here, doesn’t mean you have to stop enjoying your outdoor space. From wintertime grilling sessions to setting up a hockey rink for you and the kids to get some exercise in, here are a few ways you can enjoy your space long past the first snowfall:


  • Snow on the ground doesn’t mean you can’t keep barbecuing like you do in the spring, summer and fall. Just bundle up before you head out and you’ll be able to enjoy barbecuing and the food you love throughout the winter months.
  • Tip: We suggest before the weather gets cold, fill the propane and move your BBQ to a more convenient spot to get to even if it has snowed.
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  • Building a hockey rink for the winter involves some hard work and planning, but we think it’s well worth it. It’s perfect for families with little kids who are looking to practice more or for anyone looking for an enjoyable winter activity.
  • There are plenty of kits and systems available. Just be sure to choose one that’s a suitable size for your outdoor spaceโ€”nobody wants to realize mid-setup that the one they ordered is going to be too big for their outdoor space.


  • If you haven’t already, it’s time to invest in a fire pit. They’re fairly inexpensive and perfect for a frigid, winter night. Oh, and you can use it the rest of the year as well.
  • Perfect for sitting around watching the kids play in the fresh snow while sipping on a piping hot drink. A perfect way to enjoy a winter day.


  • Warm lighting makes your space truly enjoyable during the winter months. Since it gets dark earlier during the winter, putting up stringed lighting or accent lighting features is a great idea and will make living in your outdoor space year-round much more enjoyable.
  • You’ll also enjoy coming home from work to a beautifully lit space, paired with a fresh snowfall, it’s magical!


  • Adding a pergola or covered gazebo to your space shelters you from the wind and the cold. You’ll be able to sit down and enjoy a hot drink and enjoy your outdoor space in a way you never have before.