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Connector plates are commonly used in various building applications. They’re perfect for securing and stabilizing your posts and making the overall installation process quicker and easier.

We offer two different connector plates, the 4” x 4” wood post connector plate or WPCP4B and the 4” x 4” heavy duty wood post connector plate or HDWPCP4B.

As you might’ve guessed, both connector plates are similar in that they protect and stabilize your post, but the heavy-duty option is a bit more rugged and built to be an even more extreme defender.

Both feature:

  • A design ideal for securing and stabilizing a nominal 4″ x 4″ post to a wood post or surface
  • A thermally bonded and polyester textured black powder coated satin finish
  • The longevity that comes with a product crafted from steel
  • Striking elegance and the ability to seamlessly fit into any project
  • An easy installation process (Watch how: HDWPCP4B, Watch how: WPCP4B)

The heavy-duty option or HDWPCP4B, differs in a few ways: Notably the inclusion of hardware and the addition of a centre point screw to accommodate for its heavy duty nature and make the alignment of the other holes even easier.

If your project isn’t too intensive: You can choose the WPCP4B for a more cost-effective option. If you require more stability and strength, however, we would opt for the HDWPCP4B.

As always, remember to check local guidelines and building regulations to determine that the project you’re setting out to complete is safe and compliant.


Before building a permanent structure, take into consideration where you live and your typical exposure to rain, wind, snow, ice, sunlight, flooding, earthquakes and intense heat. For a safe installation, wear personal protective equipment and use suitable fasteners.

Before construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements (consulting local building codes is required when supporting permanent structures).

For certain structures, we recommend consulting with a professional to ensure that these products are appropriate for your intended application.