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With all the different pieces of hardware required, building a gate can be difficult and time-consuming. Gate hardware kits are designed to eliminate that headache and provide an easy and convenient all-in-one hardware solution for building your next gate.


We offer two gate hardware kits, the Gate Corner Frame Brace and Hinge Kit or GCBHK01 and the Heavy Duty Gate Corner Frame Brace and Hardware Kit or HGCBHK01.

Both feature:

  • All you need to build your gate frame, including colour-matching hardware
  • Durability—gate frame brace kits ensure your gate remains functional for as long as possible
  • The ability to adapt to any of your gate opening needs and compatibility with inward, outward, left, or right gate configurations
  • Universal swing hinges to create a smooth opening and closing
  • A thermally bonded and polyester textured black powder coated satin finish
  • A maintenance-free design, unlike other kits that require cables and adjustments to maintain squareness

So, what’s the difference between our Brace Kit GCBHK01 and Heavy Duty Kit HGCBHK01? Ultimately, durability and included hardware.

  • While both kits are designed to last and feature all you need to build your gate, the Heavy-Duty Kit HGCBHK01, being thicker and heavier, is perfect for a heavier or larger gate build and also includes a handle and latch and catch.
  • The Heavy Duty kit is thicker and more robust
  • Small gate builds and more budget-conscious projects are perfectly suited for the Brace Kit

As always, remember to check local guidelines and building regulations to determine that the project you’re setting out to complete is safe and compliant.