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Nuvo Iron Pro Gates, our PRO6 and PRO8, are strong and decorative gate frames that are designed to last season after season and prevent the sagging and dragging that keeps you returning to your local hardware store for a yearly replacement.

Both feature:

    • A heavy gauge, galvanized steel construction
    • Strong corner braces to ensure your gate doesn’t experience sagging and dragging
    • Board material versatility—whether wood, vinyl or composite, they give you the freedom to use what works best for you
    • Protective acorn tread nut covers to prevent exposed treads from encountering your skin, clothing or anything else that might be prone to getting caught
    • Padlock compatibility
    • A thermally bonded and polyester textured black powder-coated finish
    • An ability to be customized—top your gate with the included arch or go without it for a more simple and sleek look

Dimension Differences

While these anti-sag gate frames are similar, your gate-opening needs will dictate which one you go with. 

  • The PRO6 is designed for a 36 1/4” wide opening and 6 standard fence boards wide (with a standard fence board width of 5 1/2″)
  • While the PRO8 is designed for a 47” wide opening and 8 standard fence boards wide.

In terms of dimensions, the PRO6 is 34 3/4” wide x 74 1/2” high, while the PRO8 is 45 1/2” wide x 74 1/2” high. Just keep in mind that if you’re using the decorative arch, that’ll add 10” to the height of your gate.

As always, remember to check local guidelines and building regulations to determine that the project you’re setting out to complete is safe and compliant.