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Since Carlos Pacheco started Nuvo Iron over 20 years ago, material and design trends have come and gone and Nuvo Iron has been there for homeowners all along the way.

I sat down with him to learn more about the fencing industry, how it’s changed over the years and what today’s homeowners want.

Q: You’ve seen many trends come and go in the fencing industry through the years. What trends are you seeing today in the fence world?

A: In recent years, we’ve noticed that fencing has heavily leaned towards simplicity and the idea that less is more. People want smooth, clean horizontal lines when it comes to their outdoor designs, a trend, especially in iron fencing, but moving its way into wood designs as well.

Q: With homeowners leaning more towards more simple designs, what’s a classic, go-to option if I’m looking to upgrade fencing in my backyard?

A: If you’re in the market for iron fencing, our most popular profiles that follow these trends, but still offer a timeless and classic look, are Coral, Benitoite and Bijou. Iron fencing has increased in popularity a lot over the past few years because of how long-lasting it is. Our iron fencing undergoes multiple stages of protective coating to keep them rust-resistant and able to withstand North America’s harshest elements.

Q: If I’m not going with iron and want a modern and on-trend fence, what should I choose?

A: If you’re looking to purchase new fence with a contemporary profile, a horizontal slat fence is your best bet. Sleek, modern and free-flowing, it’s become a popular alternative to a traditional fence, just be sure to refer to local building codes and check compliance before you break dirt. You can also switch up the slats and use more modern material options like composite.

Q: What would you suggest if someone has a fence built but wants to make what they have feel more on-trend?

A: If you have an iron fence installed, no matter the style, you can switch your post topper to something modern like our 2″ x 2″ Pyramid Iron fence post caps (PCP01).

If you’re looking to update an existing wood fence, the easiest upgrade is post caps. Swap your wooden caps for Eazy-Caps™ which have a very simple design and we patented a pressure fit design that takes seconds to install and doesn’t need screws or adhesives. It also protects your posts more than a traditional wood cap from cracking, splitting, and weathering from the elements.

You can also add something like an insert, ACW57 is a good option for clean horizontal lines we have seen trending. Add it to your fence either in one focal area or one on each panel of the fence, you can be pretty creative with the placement of this product. Check out this post by Hamilton Decks for some inspo.