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Fasteners aren’t the focal point of any project. They don’t get the love and praise that balusters, iron fencing or gate inserts do. They do their job quietly and behind the scenes, normally going unnoticed. While it’s easy to neglect them and leave them as an afterthought, try thinking of them as an extension of your project, yet another component of your dream space. Mind the details.

While you can drive to the hardware store and choose any available fastener off the shelf, we can’t emphasize enough how unsightly, corrosion-prone fasteners can turn your beautiful new project into a sight for sore eyes.

While it might not seem like it, fasteners matter.


Last year, our founder, Carlos Pacheco, travelled to British Columbia with his wife and son. While walking along one of the province’s pristine beaches, they stumbled upon the artwork of local artist Paul Lewis. Paul creates lifelike animal structures from driftwood that rolls in from the Pacific.

Intrigued by Paul’s meticulous craftsmanship, Pacheco saw the importance of even the smallest components in creating something extraordinary. Upon returning home, he donated a pallet of fasteners to Paul, recognizing how integral they are to his artistic process. Just like in Paul’s art, the details of your project matter, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant.


Our fasteners are available in different sizes and colors for a reason—they’re not meant to be a one-size-fits-all solution. Whether you’re crafting a masterpiece or building a deck, the right fasteners are essential for bringing your vision to life.

Built from durable steel and coated in brown Ruspert® for a high-grade layer that protects metals from environmental corrosion, our fasteners enhance your project. The brown colour of that coating means they blend into your project and aren’t a jarring wake-up call that the fasteners you bought don’t match your project. They even prevent staining and rusting in pressure-treated wood.