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Whether you’re looking to sell or just want to refresh your space, modernizing the outside of your home is one of the best ways of improving curb appeal. From aluminum railing systems to a simple stain or paint job, these modern railing options won’t disappoint:



  • Today’s homeowners opt for horizontal railing when they’d like to add modernity and elegance to their outdoor space.
  • The standout favourite is cable railing. It’s simple, clean and a great modern solution to old and outdated deck railing.
  • Just be sure to check compliance with local building codes and make sure your project is approved before you begin.


  • Easy to clean and maintain, glass railing gives you an unobstructed, open-concept view of your outdoor paradise.
  • Itโ€™s perfect for parents looking to keep an eye on wandering kids during playtime or those looking to kick back after a long day and enjoy the view of their property.


  • Your deck railing may be a decade old, but with a quick paint or stain, it can look brand-new and modern again. Today, many people are painting their railing a bright white for a crisp and modern East Coast feel.
  • Not a fan of the white? Cool greys are another great option and refreshing change from that wood grain you’ve become so sick of seeing every day.
  • Unsure of how to get started? Check out these quick-and-easy tutorials on how to paint and stain deck railing and power wash your deck!

Still wondering which way to go? Visit our inspiration page and scroll to see how today’s homeowners are using modern deck railing to improve curb appeal.