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Our post caps have been some of our best-selling products for years. While they may vary in style, they share a few common features—notably durability designed to withstand North America’s harshest elements and an elegant timelessness that’s tough to miss.

They’re built from either rigid plastic or heavy-gauge, galvanized, cold-rolled steel and are available in different styles to suit your preference—pyramid, ball, pineapple and low profile.

Here’s a quick guide outlining the differences between the different options:

  1. PYRAMID: the pyramid cap is our classic and best-seller. It’s elegant, classic and the safe choice when it comes to accenting your space, and with aluminum or plastic options, pick the look that matches your space best. Easily install on your fence or deck posts with the included color-matching fasteners.
  2. EAZY-CAP: the patented Eazy-Cap is a customer favourite due to its simplicity and ease of installation. And yes, that’s why we call it an Eazy Cap. The patented, pressure-fit design means that all you need for installation is a mallet. A couple of whacks later and you’re all done—no adhesives or screws required.
  3. BALL: the perfect pairing of timeless elegance and bold flair. Accenting the perimeter of your property with ball caps is substantially more noticeable than a pyramid cap and so, if that’s what you’re going for, then these are perfect for you (colour-matching fasteners included).
  4. PINEAPPLE: the pineapple cap is designed to stand out. It’s unique, interesting and a beautiful way of making your outdoor space just a little bit more different than your neighbours (colour-matching fasteners included).
PCP02 lifestyle product photo 4x4 pyramid post cap
PCP11BLK lifestyle product photo 4x4 eazy post cap
PCB03 lifestyle product photo 4x4 ball post cap
PCP04 lifestyle product photo 4x4 pineapple post cap
PCP24BLK lifestyle product photo 4x4 low profile eazy post cap