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Nuvo Iron gate inserts have established themselves as a customer favourite for a reason—modern yet traditional styling, wrought iron appearance and cast aluminum construction are all favourite features, but there’s still more to them than meets the eye.

Check out this list of people’s most-asked questions on Nuvo Iron gate inserts:

Q: Can they be painted?

A: Our inserts are made of cast aluminum and come in a powder-coated satin black finish. Although it is possible to paint your insert, it would void your warranty for the item as we can’t guarantee the finish if it has been tampered with. We suggest if you want to paint your insert, make sure you properly prep. the surface and use an appropriate paint for the material so it can continue to be a durable centerpiece of your space.

Q: Can they be hung horizontally?

A: Absolutely! While our inserts are typically hung vertically, they were designed to be used in any creative way you come up with. We think there’s an especially unique beauty to a horizontal insert. Check out the ACW54, ACW57 and ACW61 if you’re looking to hang or install your insert in a unique orientation as these styles tend to work the best for that.

Q: Does the material rust or bleed into the material of the fence?

A: Our inserts are constructed from durable cast aluminum to prevent rusting and powder coated to prevent bleeding and having to replace your hardware every season.

Q: Do they work as a pet window/would my cat or dog be able to squeeze through it?

A: Nuvo Iron gate inserts are a perfect pet window for your furry friend. Their window-like visibility prevents your curious and protective pooch from barking at everyone who walks by and, even better, you don’t have to worry about them squeezing through in an effort to run to the road. We offer a variety of patterns with a different number of cut-outs so it’s easy to find the one that works for you and your pet.

Q: Could I hang them on an exterior wall for decoration?

A: You can! They’re great for mixing and matching materials with your outdoor decor and hanging them on outdoor walls as a decorative addition to your space can elevate your area. Their designs make them the perfect piece of outdoor decor and their durability ensures you’ll be able to keep them outside all year and won’t have to worry about the hassle of taking them down during the off-season to avoid them being ruined by the elements.

Q: Will they work with a thicker door or gate?

A: They will! In addition to including an Allen Key for installation, we provide two hardware sizes so you can install your new gate insert on materials of varying thicknesses—up to 1 ¼”!

Q: Do they look good on both sides?

A: We sure think so. Our inserts feature pre-drilled holes and a continuous two-piece framework to ensure that they’re equally appealing on both sides of your fence, gate, or privacy wall.

Q: Can they be used on a chain link gate?

A: Our inserts should be used with a panel that can have a section easily cut out of it, as that is what holds the insert in place for support. Chain link mesh is likely unable to offer support if cut out and would likely cause the mesh to un-weave. We will say, we have seen some unique projects with our inserts throughout the years where they were inserted into varying materials or projects. These projects are all at your own risk though as each is too unique and often requires its own version of the installation, so we can’t guarantee the best way to make these work in each.

Q: Would they work with shadow box fencing?

A: We recommend you use our fence and gate inserts with standard fence. However, it depends how deep the boards recess and protrude. If it won’t work with your fence but you’d still like to add the style of a Nuvo Iron insert, you can always use them in your gate or hang them up as a decorative piece.

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