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Balusters are one of North America’s most popular porch or deck accessories. Apart from providing sturdiness, stability, and safety, they add a sense of style and elegance to your outdoor space.

Check out this list of people’s most-asked questions on balusters:

Q: What are balusters used for?

A: Balusters provide support and act as a crucial safety feature of your railing. They are between the top and bottom rail as the barrier for your railing They’re perfect for a variety of projects, from decks, porches, gazebos, or any railing project you’re building. 

Q: How many balusters do I need?

A: The amount of balusters you require depends on your project. Nuvo Iron baluster packages come with ten balusters which will cover approximately four linear feet if you use standard spacing. We also carry some larger packs of balusters as well, if you’re completing bigger projects.

Watch our videos for measuring and marking your rails for balusters. You can do this on paper beforehand to figure out the number of balusters you’ll require:

To calculate how many balusters you will need, use this formula:

(Number of balusters) = (Railing length / Spacing between balusters) – 1 (if end posts are present)

  1. Determine the spacing required between your balusters: The spacing between balusters will depend on your local building codes and regulations, but a common spacing is 4 on centre. ‘On Centre’ means from the centre of one baluster to the centre of the next.
  2. Determine the width of each baluster: Determine the width of each baluster by checking the manufactures website. We provide this under the ‘Features’ tab of our baluster product.

Q: What baluster length do I need for my project?

A: Your baluster length will be determined by where they’ll be installed and may also be impacted by local building regulations. Before beginning your project, double-check that your final build will be up to code.

Q: How do I install my balusters?

A: How you install your balusters will depend on if you’re installing deck balusters or stair balusters and also if you’re working with pre-drilled rail. Your safest bet is carefully reading the instructions. For more info, visit the Where to Buy page on our website and filter by Installer.

Q: What are balusters made of?

A: Balusters can be made from a number of different materials. Ours are crafted from strong, galvanized steel to withstand the elements, though other manufacturers may use stone, wood, or even PVC.

Q: What size balusters do I need for my stairs?

A: Remember, it’s important to check your local building code requirements before beginning your project. That said, to complete a stair installation with Nuvo Iron balusters, it is likely you’ll need our 26” length and one pack of our SMSRA connectors per box of balusters.

Q: How far apart should my baluster spacing be?

A: In general, the space between your balusters should be no less than 4″ on center. This is typical for most building codes as it helps to prevent small pets or children from slipping through while still giving you visibility of your outdoor space. Carefully read the included instructions before beginning your project and remember that building codes may change from one location to the next.

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