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A post cap is a perfect example of how focusing on small details can transform a space. A variety of profile options and a simple installation process, matched with the longevity they provide your posts, make this product one not to forget about with your space transformation.

Here’s why accenting your space with Nuvo Iron post caps is one of the quickest and easiest ways of taking your project to the next level.


A post cap’s durability and protective capabilities mainly depend upon two things – the material it’s made of and the protective coatings that have been applied. We offer caps made of galvanized steel, marine grade aluminum, and plastic with recycled materials. To top it off, our aluminum and galvanized steel caps feature a durable powder coated finish. These elements have proven over the years to protect your posts through North America’s harshest elements.


With every cap designed, function and beauty have been equally considered. We’ve always believed that a robust and durable cap doesn’t mean it can’t contribute to a project’s aesthetic appeal. Choose Nuvo and get the benefits of both post protection and a great accent piece. These small design nuances make all the difference and are what differentiates a good quality cap that’ll protect your post and look good doing it from one you’ll need to throw away after one season.


With the price of lumber at an all-time high, the preservation of your project is more important than ever. From materials, planning and labour cost, you want it to last and look good for as long as possible. Our galvanized steel, aluminum and plastic post caps, despite being cheaper than their wood counterpart, offer many more benefits. Their superb build quality and protective coatings allow them to outlast and outperform the wood caps at virtually every level. If you’re building a project or having one built, do yourself a favour and pick up some post caps to accent the new space and increase its longevity.


We offer several different cap styles to accommodate everyone’s preferences. From the classic elegance of a pyramid cap to the unique appeal of our pineapple caps, there’s something for everybody. Match them to other metal accents in your project like balusters or gate hardware for a cohesive look, or against PT lumber or grey composite decking for a bolder appearance.


No matter which you choose, a cap is an inexpensive, high-quality project addition that makes a truly noticeable difference. From the southern states to northern Canada, our stylish and time-tested caps are staples in backyards across North America.



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