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Surely the holidays fall during the coldest months, but they instill the warmest feelings in a person. The world becomes enveloped in a spirit of joy and cheer so why not make your yard or porch the same. The holidays always call for special ornaments and decorations that give off a unique aesthetic appeal. So if ‘tis the season then it’s time to get creative and put up some outdoor decorations.


Holidays decorations almost always call for some natural bursts of green color. Of course, the best way to add some lively green finish would be to use wreaths. They’re a staple holiday decoration that cannot be overlooked. Be as creative as you like and choose any material for your wreath. It can be made of pinecones, bay leaves, twigs, and branches. For a touch of cheer additions of items like lights, candy canes, and a pretty red bow is recommended. Use them to decorate your doors and give visitors a warm welcome.



Garlands are widely used to decorate archways and doorframes. These garlands can be made of moss, pine leaves, and many others. You can choose the green-to-other items ratio, and it’ll look good either way. You can keep it simple by using a plain garland to decorate your archway or even add your ornaments or lights to the mix and maximize the ‘jolly’ factor.


Mailbox Decorations

Try the old-fashioned candy cane look for your mailbox post using red and white fabric to give it a swirly look similar to that of a candy cane. Use other decorations like a bow on the post and smaller wreathes on your mailbox. If the candy cane look is too flashy for your modest mailbox, then use materials like burlap to give it a simple rustic appeal and don’t forget the red bow. If you’re only prepared to do the bare minimum then buy some fairy lights from your local hardware store and wrap them around your mailbox to give your front yard a magical appearance.



Decorating the trees in your yard can enhance the beauty of your yard when it’s holiday season since it adds an enchanting effect. Don’t worry if you don’t have trees, just use your imagination and make a pretty statement piece that outdoes the conventional tree. The unique idea is to look up different ideas for a statement decoration that will bring the whole look together. It would be even better to use different materials to add more variety to your decorations.



It isn’t exactly a staple, but it sure does make for a unique outdoor decoration. It almost feels like using leftover decorations from Halloween, but we’re okay with that. Go crazy and use them in any way you like. You can put an antique lantern on the front porch to give off a classy vibe or if the lanterns are for decoration and you don’t intend to light them then just fill them with ornaments instead.


Fence & Railings

Last but not least, adding lights to your fence or railings is an easy and quick way to get into the holiday spirit! Using lights to accentuate the rails or tops of the fence is a great way to achieve that welcoming look you’re going for this season.