#8 x 2 1/2″ Deck Screws with Brown Ruspert® Coating (250 pcs)

The beauty of our fasteners lies in their functionality and discreet elegance. Made of steel and layered with corrosion resistant Ruspert® coating, our durable fasteners are designed to seamlessly blend into projects and last for years.

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With a brown Ruspert® coating, the Nuvo Iron deck screws are as durable as they are sleek. Designed with a bugle head, multi-purpose thread and sharp point, exterior wood-to-wood fastening projects become quick, easy, and seamless.

  • The subtle brown coating and self-countersinking properties of our deck screws allow them to flawlessly integrate into a variety of projects including deck and stair railings, fence projects, and so much more.
  • Ultimately, the features of our deck screws allow them to discreetly complement any exterior wood-to-wood project, prevent staining and rusting, and ensure that your project safely lasts for years.


  • DESIGNED FOR | Designed for decking and any exterior wood project where wood-to-wood fastening is required
  • DURABLE | Built from durable steel and coated in brown Ruspert® for a high-grade layer that protects metals from environmental corrosion
  • BIT INCLUDED | Complementary torx bit included
  • PROTECT YOUR PROJECT | Prevents staining and rusting in pressure treated wood
  • PROJECT VERSATILITY |Perfect for both new and restoration projects
  • EASY INSTALL | Self-countersinking properties make installation easy
  • SEAMLESS FINISH | The brown colour of our Ruspert® coating allows your fasteners to blend into your wood projects for a seamless finish
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED | One (1) torx bit and (250) #8 x 2 1/2″ pieces per jar
  • THREAD TYPE | Multi-purpose
  • MATERIAL | Made of Steel
  • HEAD TYPE | Bugle
  • COMPATIBILITY | ACQ wood compatible


  • Corrosion-Resistant | Our brown Ruspert® high-grade protective coating increases durability against corrosion
  • Weather Protected | designed to last through North America’s harshest conditions
  • Ideal for use in moderate to high traffic locations
  • Ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • Novice to moderate skill set required for installation
  • Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area.
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Materials and packaging are fully recyclable
  • Limited one (1) year warranty.