Multi-Purpose 4″ x 4″ Spike for In-Ground Post Support

Designed for 4″ x 4″ posts, our yard and lawn post spike is the easiest way of completing your next outdoor project. With no digging or concrete required, it’s as easy to install as it is versatile.

UPC CODE: 664723441115

Our yard and lawn post spike for nominal 4″ x 4″ posts was designed with functionality and ease-of-installation in mind.

  • Its versatility and minimal design make it perfect for homeowners who have an in-ground post project to complete. With no digging or concrete required, use it to eliminate extra hassle and wasted time.
  • Its steel construction protects your post from weathering and seasonal elements while its modern yet timeless look accents any outdoor design.
  • On top of protecting your post, its elegant and simple features complement most residential fencing and landscaping projects.

Designed for use with nominal 4″ x 4″ posts

Understanding Post Sizes:

  • When a product fits a nominal or dressed post, the post measures 1/2″ less than the measurement listed.
    Example: a nominal or dressed 4″ x 4″ product fits a post that measures 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • When a product fits a rough lumber or undressed post, the post size is the same as the measurement listed.
    Example: a 4″ x 4″ rough lumber or undressed product fits a post that measures 4″ x 4″



  • DESIGNED FOR | Our 30″ spike is designed for use with a 4” x 4” nominal post
  • PROJECT VERSATILITY | Its sleek design and black high gloss finish will complement any project or space
  • FINISH | Features a thermally bonded and polyester black powder coated glossy finish
  • MATERIAL | Made from 14 gauge steel
  • SURFACE COMPATIBILITY | Designed to mount posts in the ground without digging or concrete
  • QUICKLY SECURE | Pre-threaded bolts and self-locking nuts allow you to easily secure your post in the post base
  • ADDED SUPPORT | Depending on your structure, use one of the additional holes to increase strength and stability. The 1/8″ diameter holes are for screws and the others are 1/2″ in diameter and designed for lag bolts (not included).
  • TOUGH DEFENDER | Designed to allow for drainage and defend against the premature splitting, rotting, warping, and decay that tends to happen with posts installed directly in the ground
  • POST PROTECTOR | Protects your posts from the accidental scuffs and scratches that may happen with seasonal maintenance
  • PROJECT IDEAS | Garden enclosures, lightweight decking barriers, birdhouses, mailboxes, lawn and garden signs, light and flag posts, planter holders, and more.
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED | One (1) post spike
  • POST COMPATIBILITY | Compatible post materials include wood, vinyl, composite, fiberglass, and metal (required fasteners sold separately and vary by material and project)


  • UV-Protected | prevents fading and discolouring caused by the sun’s harsh rays
  • Rust-Resistant | its durable steel construction and powder coated finish prevent peeling and blistering
  • Weather Protected | designed to last through North America’s harshest conditions
  • Not to be used for fences in excess of four feet in height or posts used for overhead structures
  • Please note: consultation with the appropriate professionals or authorities should be done for the avoidance of underground utilities. It is similarly critical to avoid overloading this spike, as such actions may cause safety issues and/or decreased product performance
  • Please Note: before building a permanent structure, it is important to take into consideration where you live and your typical exposure to the seasonal elements as product performance may change accordingly. This includes, but is not limited to, rain, wind, snow, ice, sunlight, and intense heat. Wearing personal protective equipment; safety glasses, etc., and using suitable fasteners for your application are equally as important in ensuring your installation goes smoothly and safely.
  • Additionally, load calculations are unavailable. Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area (consulting local building codes is required when supporting permanent structures).
  • For certain structures, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure that these products are appropriate for your intended application and that the structural components for which these products are to be used in connection with are sound.
  • Important: in no event shall Nuvo Iron™ be liable for any consequential, special, or incidental changes arising out of breach of local, municipal, country, state, provincial, and federal building codes or any other type of laws or bylaws. Furthermore, Nuvo Iron™ shall not be held liable for any loss or damage resulting from improper use.
  • Ideal for use in moderate traffic locations
  • Ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • Estimated installation time: 10 minutes
  • Moderate skill set required for installation
  • Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area.
  • Perfect for residential use
  • Materials and packaging are fully recyclable
  • Limited one (1) year warranty.