Black Galvanized Steel 6″ Decorative Post to Beam Supports (2 pcs)

Our galvanized steel post to beam supports are built to last. They’re easy to install and perfect for pergolas, decks, gazebos, and more. Their modern design and strong galvanized steel construction ensure that they’re the perfect addition to your project.

UPC CODE: 664723102047


The subtle elegance and long lasting galvanized steel construction of our post to beam supports make them the perfect addition to your outdoor structure.

  • Our 6″ post to beam supports are a simple yet decorative addition that should be displayed, not hidden. Their minimal design ensures your structure stays the centre piece it should be, but bold and classic features create a polished look for your project. Whether you’re a busy contractor or a DIYer looking for an easy backyard upgrade, these post to beam supports will be perfect for you.
  • Every small detail of our post to beam supports has been carefully designed to accent your project while also providing you with the strength and longevity you need. It’s the best possible way of ensuring your outdoor space looks pristine for years to come.


  • SIZE | 6″ decorative galvanized steel post to beam supports
  • STYLE | These clean and contemporary, long lasting post to beam supports are designed to accent any outdoor structure (decks, gazebos, pergolas, privacy walls, arbours, etc.)
  • CENTRAL SUPPORT | We designed our post to beam supports to be an integral part of your structure without you having to sacrifice the look of your design
  • READY FOR INSTALLATION | Unlike other post to beam supports, ours are pre-finished, require no painting, and ready for an easy install right out of the box
  • MATERIAL | Made from heavy-gauge galvanized steel
  • FINISH | Features a thermally bonded and polyester textured black powder coated satin finish
  • WHAT’S INCLUDED | Two (2) post to beam supports and colour matching fasteners and timber screws
  • EASY INSTALL | Installation process is quick and intuitive.
  • LOW MAINTENANCE | Our post to beam supports clean easily with soap and water, making maintenance simple
  • COMPLEMENTARY | Our (P2B7) post to beam supports are designed to complement our (RC3) rafter clips. Both feature a similar modern design, as well as the same powder coated finish and colour, which makes accenting your outdoor space consistent and uniform.


  • UV-Protected | prevents fading and discolouring caused by the sun’s harsh rays
  • Rust-Resistant | its durable galvanized steel construction and powder coated finish prevent peeling and blistering
  • Weather Protected | designed to last through North America’s harshest conditions
  • ACQ wood compatible
  • Compatible materials include composite, vinyl, wood, and more
  • Ideal for use in low to high traffic locations
  • Ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • Novice to moderate skill set required for installation
  • Estimated installation time: 20 minutes
  • Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area.
  • Please Note: before building a permanent structure, it is important to take into consideration where you live and your typical exposure to rain, wind, snow, ice, and sleet as product performance may change accordingly. Wearing personal protective equipment; safety glasses, etc., and using suitable fasteners for your application are equally as important in ensuring your installation goes smoothly and safely.
  • For certain structures, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure that these products are appropriate for your intended application and that the structural components for which these products are to be used in connection with are sound.
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use
  • Materials and packaging are fully recyclable
  • Limited one (1) year warranty.