8′ Long Pre-Drilled Railing Kit | For 36″ High Railing

Our pre-drilled wooden railing kits are a great way of elevating your outdoor space. Convenience paired with style, one box contains everything aside from the posts to create a modern yet classic railing. Quality construction ensures it’ll complement a number of project designs and last for years to come.

UPC CODE: 664723103037

This all-in-one railing kit provides you with everything aside from the posts to install a section of railing and upgrade your outdoor space.

  • The decorative, brown pressure-treated wooden railing contrasts beautifully with the black powder coated galvanized steel balusters, resulting in a look that is both modern and timeless.
  • Its pre-drilled rails, along with rail connectors, ensure that the entire railing section is as easy to install as possible.
  • The traditional yet modern design of our railing kits allows them to accent any outdoor design. Whether it be a deck, porch, or gazebo, rest assured that they are the perfect backyard project addition for everyone, from busy contractors to DIYers.


  • DESIGNED FOR | Designed for a 36″ high finished railing
  • KIT CONVENIENCE | This all-in-one rail kit includes: two (2) 8′ long, pressure-treated brown wooden decorative rails with pre-drilled holes; twenty-one (21) 28″ long galvanized steel balusters; four (4) black DRC rail connectors with twenty-four (24) stainless steel mounting screws
  • NO MEASURING | Pre-drilled installation guide holes mean no measuring required between balusters
  • CONNECTOR MATERIAL | The rigid plastic rail end connectors prevent wood from splitting and toenailing.
  • BALUSTER MATERIAL |The long lasting balusters included in this kit are made from heavy-gauge, galvanized, cold-rolled steel making them significantly stronger than the competitor’s leading aluminum baluster
  • WESTERN CANADIAN ‘J’ GRADE LUMBER | Profiled, drilled, treated and kiln-dried twice, it resists twisting and maintains a low moisture level
  • FINISH | The balusters included feature a powder coated and thermally bonded glossy finish
  • MOISTURE-PREVENTING PLUGS | Plastic end plugs are included to top the baluster ends which prevent moisture from entering precision-drilled holes.
  • EASY TO CUT | These easy-to-cut wooden railings mean customizing them to fit your unique project layout is a breeze.
  • VERSATILE | Easily convert this railing kit for stairs: pick up our 3/4″ round baluster stair adapters (SRAR) and our stair rail connectors (SRC) (sold separately)
  • COLOUR MAINTENANCE | To maintain the lustrous brown colour of the rails, apply a water-repellent stain as soon as the wood dries
  • FINISHING TOUCHES | Finish off your project by topping your posts with our Pyramid Post Caps and our plastic post base collars (PCCA4B or UPPC) (sold separately)


  • UV-Protected | prevents fading and discolouring caused by the sun’s harsh rays
  • Rust-Resistant | its durable galvanized steel construction and powder coated finish prevent peeling and blistering
  • Weather Protected | designed to last through North America’s harshest conditions
  • ACQ wood compatible
  • Compatible materials include wood, vinyl, composite and more
  • Ideal for use in low to high traffic locations
  • Ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • Moderate skill set required for installation
  • Estimated installation time: 25 minutes
  • Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area.
  • Please Note: before building a permanent structure, it is important to take into consideration where you live and your typical exposure to rain, wind, snow, ice, and sleet as product performance may change accordingly. Wearing personal protective equipment; safety glasses, etc., and using suitable fasteners for your application are equally as important in ensuring your installation goes smoothly and safely.
  • For certain structures, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure that these products are appropriate for your intended application and that the structural components for which these products are to be used in connection with are sound.
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use
  • Perfect for both new and restoration projects
  • Materials and packaging are fully recyclable
  • Limited one (1) year warranty.