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I get this question all the time – do I really need to spend $500 on post caps? Aren’t they just used for decoration anyway?

Let me breakdown the facts for you.

As an outdoor lover, my deck is way more than just a place to host my next BBQ – it’s my oasis to escape to when I need some peace and quiet. With that being said, it should come as no surprise that I do everything possible to protect my piece of paradise.

One of the biggest issues that I have come to notice over the years is weathering on the posts – the tops often split from the condensation during the winter time. That’s where post caps come in. Not only do they add a modern feel to your deck, but they protect your investment for many years to come.

Let’s start with the basics, shall we – what are fence post caps?

Simply put, fence post caps are coverings that fit over the top of your posts on a deck or fence. If you’re a design freak like me, it’s nice to know that you’ve got choices in colours and materials. From my experience, black tends to be the most popular colour choice as it’s easy to match if a cap needs to be replaced. In terms of materials, cast aluminum caps are my go-to as they are UV and corrosion resistant. This increased durability means a better return on investment for you and your property.

Why are fence post caps worth the splurge?

As I mentioned before, if you’ve got a wooden fence like me, you may have come to notice that in wet weather, the top of your posts absorb water which leads to splits, mold and in some cases rot. In the summertime, tops are exposed to UV rays, as well as wind, which dry up the wood and cause it to crack.

Fence post caps bypass this problem by protecting the tops of your posts from unwanted weather conditions. This allows for your fence to last much longer and stay reliable throughout any season.

How do I choose the right post caps for my fence?

Before buying your post caps, I would recommend measuring your posts to make sure the caps fit well. If they are too tight, you risk the wood cracking. After that, it’s all about personal style – Pyramid Post Caps (see image on top right) are definitely the most popular, but I must say, I’m a big sucker for the Pineapple Post Caps. Both styles are a perfect way to protect your fence or deck, while enhancing the value and beauty of your home and property.

Where can I find fence post caps?

You can find fence post caps at your local hardware store – Rona, Lowes, Home Hardware, etc. If you want to find the closest location to you, you can check out our locate a dealer tool and check off the “retailer” option: here.

Final Thoughts

Post caps are a small price to pay to keep your deck protected for many years to come.

Splurge or Save? Definitely Splurge!