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Does your dog tend to run out of the home and on to the street? Needless to say, this can be dangerous for your pet pooch, increasing the risk of accidents and injuries. Not to mention, you never know how your dog might react when coming face to face with strangers. A viable solution to this problem is setting up a fence. You can fence in your yard to prevent access to the road. This way, you can keep your dog within your premises and have complete peace of mind regarding his/her safety. However, you need to consider a few factors before you invest in a fence, including:


Your Petโ€™s Size

The foremost consideration is the size and height of your pet. Smaller breeds can squeeze through gaps between fences. Even if the space is limited, it isnโ€™t going to stop them from trying, and they can get injured if stuck. On the other hand, larger dogs can jump over short fences. Therefore, you need to determine the right height for the fence based on the height of your pet.


Safety Features

Believe it or not, your dog can learn to open a door without any training from your end. Hence, you need to opt for a fence with a child-safe gate option. This way, even if your pooch does manage to learn to open the gate, he/she will be unable to get out.


Your Dogโ€™s Skills

If you already have a fence that your dog has learned to get through, across, or over, it is imperative that you purchase a different type of fencing this time around. Dogs love to escape and you have to make it difficult for your pet to cross the fence.



You are installing the fence to ensure your dog remains safe, but you cannot expect him/her to maintain and clean it. Opt for a sturdy fence that will not suffer damage, even if your pet tries to break through, which is especially the case with wooden fences. Otherwise, you will end up repairing the fence from time to time.


Size of the Area

Last, but not the least, you need to measure the landscape that you want to fence in. This step is particularly important if you want to set up a fence within a certain perimeter rather than your entire backyard or lawn.

Consider these factors when getting a fence for your dog to make the right choice. Fencing will keep your dog safe and also assure you that your dog is playing in an enclosed space without any risk of intrusion or escape.