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Nuvo Iron Balusters for your outdoor space.

Installing Nuvo Iron balusters is an easy and cost-effective way of taking your backyard to the next level and elevating the look of any material you choose to pair it with (i.e. wood or composite).

With a wide variety of baluster styles available (i.e. arched, rectangular etc.), we’re sure you’ll find a design that’s right for you!

Nuvo Iron Balusters.



Nuvo Iron’s galvanizing and powder coating processes for balusters are perfect for every type of external installation. It’s simply another step we take in creating a product with uncompromising durability and strength. These measures ensure you get the best baluster possible, one that lasts through the hot summers and frigid winters.

Choosing a competitor’s baluster without these processes is to sacrifice longevity and the hard-earned money in your pocket. No one wants to put time and money into their outdoor space, only to see fading, peeling or rusting a year later.

Go with Nuvo Iron and you’ll end up with a baluster that looks just as good in five years as it does today.

Nuvo Iron Balusters on a wooden deck rail with black post caps.



As a result of having the consumer in mind, our balusters come pre-cut to standard building code requirements. However, they can also easily be cut to any length required for specialty designs. Please keep in mind that if cutting is necessary, the exposed metal should be touched up with rust-inhibiting paint.

The convenience of our pre-cut balusters, paired with the different design options, makes them a no-brainer. Just watch them add elegance to your new structure or spruce up an old and beaten up deck, porch, or rail. What you’re left with is an invaluable, aesthetically pleasing space and the comforting knowledge that you remain in compliance with the proper building code requirements.

Metal balusters are also ideal if you’d like to use a material such as wood, but want your deck to be long-lasting and visually appealing. Wooden balusters don’t offer nearly as much longevity and create a bland and unflattering deck profile. Creating a pairing of these materials creates a happy medium for you and your pockets.

Nuvo Iron Balusters on a wooden deck.



Donโ€™t worry if you arenโ€™t a pro contractor, a great installation job is easier than you might think. Just use our baluster spacing installation assistance template, which comes included. This allows consumers with less installation experience to achieve the same professional look and quality as a contractor.

Follow the included instructions or visit our baluster product page and select the baluster you’re installing. You will find digital copies of the instructions as well as alternate installation options too. If you plan to tackle this job yourself, ensure you meet and understand all the safety codes in your municipality. Note: You can find the stamped drawings that may be required by your municipality on the product pages as well. While creating a new deck is exciting, it’s important to make sure that whatever you’re building is structurally safe and up to code.

With that said, we would like to note that some projects are easier said than done. If you’re not confident in your building skills or have a deck that may require more experience, have a contractor install them. This will significantly decrease the amount of time spent building and also save you money. Find a reputable installer on our Locate Page under the “Installer” category.

Nuvo Iron Balusters on a wood deck.



Our balusters are conveniently packaged in packs of ten (10) for approximately four-foot sections a box. They’re also available in various heights, so you have a pre-cut baluster that complies with the building codes in your area for decks and stairs. For even greater value, our Contractor Value Pack, (30) is a consumer favourite. This pack includes surface mount connectors and enough round balusters to cover roughly 12 linear feet.

Having such a wide selection of balusters at your fingertips means no creative thought is stifled. You really can’t go wrong, there are just different ways of beautifully and creatively accenting your outdoor space. Playing with the various shapes for your deck structure only makes it more unique to you and your specific tastes.

You can also install balusters with or without the connectors. Using round balusters for example, some people opt to use the connectors and some opt for pre-drilling the rail. Pick the design and installation that works best for your project. Some balusters, like our rectangular balusters, or arched balusters don’t require any connectors so installation is even easier.

Check out these photos submitted by Dean, from Halifax, a customer who chose to double-up the square balusters, paired with our Square Baluster Connectors, to create a more unique design for his deck.

An array of Nuvo Iron Balusters.
Nuvo Iron Balusters close up.



Balusters, while beautiful on their own, work wonderfully with our other products as together they can create a lot of contrast and interest to liven up a porch or deck. Find some project inspiration here. While they look great alongside the majority of our product line, we think they look especially stunning when paired with our post caps, rail connectors, inserts and our beam support & rafter clips.

When combined with other black accents (like the ones mentioned above) balusters take your outdoor space to a whole other level. It’s a testament to the ways in which our products interact seamlessly with one another in perfect harmony.

It’s the kind of inexpensive elegance that leaves you smiling from ear to ear after your family asks how you were able to renovate the backyard at the same time as the kitchen.

Nuvo Iron Balusters.



Nuvo Iron’s balusters can be found practically everywhere, from online retailers to your local home improvement store/lumber yard. This convenient accessibility makes it simple to turn your outdoor space into your outdoor paradise.

Click here for a list of our dealers. Nuvo Iron does not sell to the public, but we have many options for retailers that you can purchase them from. Enter your postal code on our Locate page and select “Retailer” under the category drop down to find the closest retailer to you. If a dealer does not have the baluster you’re looking for in stock, visit their order desk as they can always special order in the item to you.

Looking for more info about different baluster options?

Go to our Fence & Deck Products & Accessories page, and filter by “Balusters” or click here to see the filtered page. You will see all our style options for balusters and can read more about each specific baluster style too.