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Enhancing Backyard Privacy | Creative Ideas for a Private Outdoor Oasis

When it comes to creating a relaxing and comfortable outdoor space, privacy is key. No one wants to feel exposed or on display while trying to enjoy their backyard. Luckily, there are many ways to add privacy to your outdoor space, even if you have close neighbors or busy streets nearby. In this blog, we’ll explore some of the best techniques and ideas for adding privacy to your backyard. 

From DIY projects to professional installations, we’ll cover everything you need to know to make your backyard a private oasis. So whether you’re looking for ideas to create a secluded garden or want to learn how to build a privacy fence, keep reading for our top tips on adding privacy to your backyard.


  • Plants or hedges are an efficient and inexpensive way of creating a more private backyard. Set up potted plants in a line to create a wall between you and your neighbors. You can prop potted plants up on plant holders or place them in elevated holders to help while your plants begin to grow. 
  • While potted plants are quicker and easier to get set up, if you plan to stay in your home long-term, hedges are a more permanent solution to your privacy problems and they typically look better. 
  • Go Fake! If you don’t want to keep up with real plants or you don’t want to have the waiting period for plants to grow, there are tons of great faux plant options on the market. From trees to shrubs, and even full privacy panels, these are the perfect solution if you want a quick, maintenance-free option.


  • Gazebos and decks are a great place for family and friends to gather for a long, summertime meal. To make it more private and enjoyable, try hanging outdoor curtains or drapes. It doesn’t take long and makes your space look much more like the private oasis you’ve always dreamed of.
  • We recommend getting creative with the colours and materials you choose. While privacy’s important, it’s also important to inject your own style and flair.


  • We have mentioned some unique options for a porch, deck, or sections of your yard, but sometimes you just can’t beat a fence. Depending on your outdoor layout and where neighbors or foot traffic is, sometimes an entire fence section can provide the privacy you need.
  • If you’re in the market, you have an abundant selection of materials to choose from. You can use wood, vinyl, composite, and more to build your fence. Or go with popular low-budget options like chain link and add privacy slats
  • Make sure, if you’re looking for ultimate privacy you go with fencing that is “board on board” as this leaves minimal to no gaps in between.
  • Not looking to completely enclose your property? No problem. You can just as easily have small sections of fence built in parts of your outdoor space where you need more privacy.


  • If you’d rather go with a classic option there are always tons of ideas for using lattice to achieve the level of privacy you want. 
  • Purchase a colour that suits your space, or paint & stain what you find at your local hardware store for a more custom unique look.
  • Don’t be afraid to hang plants or flowers from your lattice wall either. You’ll get the privacy you want and brighten up the space at the same time.


  • Water features are great for two reasons: 
    • Taller water features obstruct your neighbor’s view of your space., 
    • Waterfalls and fountains can add some peaceful, white noise and make it more difficult to hear the conversation next door. 
  • Visit your local hardware store and get a fountain or waterfall so the conversation you focus on is your own.


  • Privacy walls are easy to add to any outdoor space. Whether you want it to be an addition to a current deck, gazebo or pergola, or purposefully built in an area of your yard where you’d like more privacy, you can’t go wrong.
  • You can choose a more traditional option with slatted walls or more unique option like using a versatile louver system. With many options available on the market, you can choose whatever suits your tastes. 
  • Just remember to check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area before you begin construction.

What’s Next?

  • Figure out our budget for adding privacy to your space.
  • Look at the options that fall within your budget using the ideas above.
  • Visit your local hardware store, or contact a local contractor to help you with creating a more private outdoor space.
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