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E-coating is a method of painting that uses electrical current to deposit paint on a surface and a critical part of building a quality fence that will last you for years.

It’s the third step in Nuvo’s four step coating process that your fence undergoes to ensure long-lasting quality.


Let’s take a look at PPG’s four steps of e-coating.

  1. “In the first step – pretreatment – metal is cleaned and a phosphate is applied to prepare the surface for application of the e-coat. This process is essential to achieving the performance requirements desired by product end users.”
  2. “During the next step, coatings are applied to the pretreated metal in an electrocoat bath using precisely calibrated process control equipment. The e-coat bath consists of 80-90% deionized water and 10-20% paint solids.”
  3. “Post-rinsing, which occurs next, enhances the quality of the coating and enables the recovery of excess paint. During the e-coat process, paint is applied to a part using a regulated amount of voltage to achieve the desired film thickness. “
  4. “After the coated part exits the post-rinse phase, it is placed in a bake oven that cures and cross-links the paint film to maximize its performance properties. The minimum bake time is 20 minutes with a part temperature at 375°F for most e-coat technologies.”


  • INVESTMENT PROTECTION | The benefits of e-coating outweighing the cost becomes clear pretty quickly. Purchasing a fence with e-coat applied is much less costly long-term than choosing one without it and being forced to repair or replace it only a few years down the road
  • LONGEVITY | A fence that’s been e-coated will last much longer than one that hasn’t. It’s why our iron fencing comes standard with e-coating and a ten year lifetime limited warranty. To us, it’s non-negotiable.
  • BEAUTY & STYLE | Your fence is an important investment and one of the most defining features of your outdoor space. One that’s been e-coated will keep the pristine look you fell in love with when you bought it much longer than one without
  • PEACE OF MIND | With minimal maintenance and extra protection, you don’t have to worry about whether or not your fence will make it through the season–just relaxing and enjoying your outdoor space


  • No matter where you buy your fence from, make sure it’s e-coated to protect your investment
  • Looking to learn more about e-coating and why it’s such an important part of a quality fence? Click here

Visit our residential fencing selection to browse our wide variety of different styles–all of which come standard with e-coating.