4″ x 4″ Plastic Pyramid Post Cap

Our SPC25 post cap is made in Canada and an environmentally friendly way to upgrade your outdoor space. Made of rigid plastic and up to 30% of recycled drinking straw waste, it’s the perfect way to top off a fence or deck post. In only minutes, you can add style to your property while protecting your posts from cracking, splitting, and weathering from the elements.

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This long lasting plastic pyramid cap protects your post from weathering and seasonal elements while adding a timeless design to your outdoor space. Quick and easy to install, it’s perfect for contractors and DIYers.

On top of ease-of-installation, its elegant features complement most residential, commercial, industrial fencing, and landscaping projects. It’s an uncompromising versatility that grants you the freedom to use it however you see fit. On top of that, it’s made in Canada from up to 30% of post-industrial drinking straw waste.

Fits over 4″ x 4″ nominal posts

Understanding Post Cap Sizes:

  • When a post cap fits a nominal or dressed post, the post measures 1/2″ less than the measurement listed.
    Example: a nominal or dressed 4″ x 4″ post cap fits a post that measures 3.5″ x 3.5″
  • When a post cap fits a rough lumber or undressed post, the post size is the same as the measurement listed.
    Example: a 4″ x 4″ rough lumber or undressed post cap fits a post that measures 4″ x 4″

Made from up to 30% of post-industrial drinking straw waste. Learn more about the process under the ‘Material’ tab.


  • SIZE | Fits over 4″ x 4″ nominal posts
  • NORTHERN PRIDE | Made in Canada
  • DESIGN | Sleek & classic decorative flat-top pyramid design
  • MATERIAL & FINISH | Made from up to 30% of post-industrial drinking straw waste
  • PROJECT VERSATILITY | Easily complements any fence or deck post. Simple yet alluring features enhance the look of your project and outdoor space.
  • DURABILITY | This long lasting post cap is made from black, rigid plastic and features a satin finish. Created by grinding straw waste to create an environmentally friendly mixture of straw regrind, polypropylene, and UV/colour additives.
  • SCREWS INCLUDED | Black screws provided create a seamless finish for installation. Screws included are for wooden post installation.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY | Environmentally friendly choice for your outdoor space


  • ACQ wood compatible
  • UV-Protected | defends against the sun’s harsh rays and prevents fading and discolouring
  • Weather Protected | designed to last through North America’s harshest conditions
  • Ideal for contractors and DIYers
  • Ideal for use in low to high traffic locations
  • Novice skill set required for installation
  • Estimated installation time: 5 minutes
  • Prior to construction, check with your local municipality for building code requirements in your area.
  • Post caps clean easily with soap and water, making maintenance simple
  • Perfect for residential, commercial, and industrial use
  • Materials and packaging are fully recyclable
  • Limited one (1) year warranty


  • Click here to download a PDF version of the instructions
  • Click here to watch our How-To Installation Videoย 
  • How to Install a Post Cap
    • Once all panels are installed at the preferred height, simply cut the posts at an elevation that best suits the cap style.
    • This may be achieved with a hacksaw, reciprocal saw or band saw.
    • Make certain that all sharp metal shavings have been removed from the panel.
    • Please note that exact post heights may be set prior to installation to avoid any cutting.
    • Once the posts have been set to height, pop out the screws included on the inside of the cap.
    • Simply install the cap over top with a rubber mallet to create a snug fit and screw the screws into the sides of the cap for a long-lasting fit.

Made from up to 50% of post-industrial recycled material from COVID relief medical material production.
Learn more about the process:

  • COVID relief medical materials have been steadily mass-produced to aid in the ongoing fight against the pandemic. While proper material availability is incredibly important, the need for constant supply has lead to lots of unused waste.
  • Fortunately, Nuvo Iron was able to find an environmentally friendly use for this waste. We were able to manufacture and design a product that incorporates up to 50% of post-industrial recycled material from COVID relief medical material production.
  • In order to do this, we grind unused COVID relief medical material waste and create a mixture of up to 50% regrind, polypropylene, UV and colour additives and create the Nuvo Iron SPC23 Plastic Post Cap.

Sleek and classic, our new post cap beautifully accents any fence or deck project, a great choice for anyone looking to make an environmentally friendly addition to their outdoor space.