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Nuvo Iron louvers used on an outdoor project.

While the aesthetic value of a shutter & blinds system is apparent, their added functionality compared to other privacy wall options is the main reason they add so much value to outdoor projects.

This blog will give you some great ideas and inspiration as to how you can utilize our louver system in different ways and learn some interesting facts you may not have known.

Used our louver system in a project? Don’t forget to snap a couple of photos and share them with us on social media (@nuvoiron). We really enjoy seeing the unique and different ways they’re incorporated into each customer’s unique outdoor spaces.

Nuvo Iron louvers used for more than just privacy.



One benefit of installing louvers, as opposed to other forms of privacy walls, is that they provide options for airflow and natural ventilation. They’re able to block the wind one day and allow a gentle breeze in the next. This versatility is also beneficial for other elements, like sunlight.

We believe that being able to extend the use of your outdoor space, despite the weather, is important. I mean, who doesn’t want to spend a bit more time outdoors?

A great example of the versatility customers benefit from with louvers compared to other privacy walls is with the sun. Some days you might want to let the sunlight in to brighten the space or keep you warmer. Other days when the sun is blistering hot, you can close the louvers and block the sun while still knowing you can open then up later in the day if it cools down. When spending money on your outdoor space you don’t want to limit yourself to just one option.


Nuvo Iron louvers used on an outdoor project.




The versatility of our louvers doesn’t just stop at the ability to manipulate the elements. Our system has been created with design versatility in mind as well. Its features are minimalistic by nature, engineered to complement a wide variety of architectural styles. From classic and colonial to modern and contemporary, they make a beautiful addition to any space.

This is also why we chose to make them compatible with multiple board materials. Whether you want the classic look of pressure-treated boards or prefer the modern features of a material like glass, you don’t have to worry about compatibility.

Our system seamlessly incorporates most materials, but check out the specs on our louver product page to make sure your materials are compliant.



The Perfect Match:

Create a seamless look and use materials that match your deck or porch structure for a cohesive look.

Mix & Match:

Find a material that doesn’t perfectly match your existing structure, but pulls a complimentary tone. This allows the shutters to enhance the space while adding an element of design

Clear & Classic:

Using glass panels is a great way to achieve a minimal look. If you don’t want to lose out on the privacy aspect, look for a frosted or more opaque option.



There are several eco-friendly materials that our louvers work well with.

This is a fantastic way to refresh and transform your outdoor space, all while making a positive impact on the environment. The material our louvers is made of seamlessly works with most materials offering you the ability to choose more eco-friendly options without having to compromise with the compatibility.

Check with your local hardware store to see what eco-friendly options are available.


Nuvo Iron louvers simple installation.



EASY AS 1,2,3

Instead of explaining the simplicity of installing our louvers, we’ve linked our How-To Video so you can watch it step-by-step. We also have a printable PDF of the instructions that you can download on our product page. With minimal tools & parts required, most people have no problem installing their own shutter & blinds system.

Not confident in your handy-man skills but still love the idea of a shutter & blinds system? Find a local contractor and let them know what you’re interested in. TIP: Have a rough idea of the type of material look you want. Then your contractor may be able to give you different options for materials when quoting your project.


Nuvo Iron louvers used on an outdoor project.




When choosing the right louver/blind material & height for your outdoor project, (i.e. fencing, pergolas, arbor, privacy dividers) ensure that the system is properly designed for your purposes. The specific climate & conditions in your area might make you choose certain materials to work with. As well as certain building codes may permit maximum heights.

If you choose to install these yourself, it’s important that you follow the local building codes. Contact your local municipality or visit their websites for more information, as info can vary greatly from city to city. Ultimately, a privacy wall is a structure. Remember to build one that is safe and compliant.

Also keep in mind that you may need to substitute hardware for certain installations. Again, make sure you are compliant and fully understand the right hardware and its uses in your project. Safety is always important when building anything, whether it be inside or outside your home. If you’re not totally confident in building a structure like this yourself, reach out to a local contractor and they can create the perfect project with our louvers for you that is compliant and structurally sound.

TIP: When finding a local contractor, make sure to check out their Houzz, Google or Facebook reviews to see the experiences others have had to make sure you get a contractor you can trust.


Nuvo Iron louvers for your next outdoor project.




Nuvo Iron™️ louvers are made from acetal, a high-quality material currently being used in the market. The hardware that comes standard with the product is all stainless steel. Most hardware and board materials will work well with the louver material & hardware itself, but it is important if you use unique material to ensure that the hardware and board material themselves are compatible. Examples of materials that work well with our system: Pressure-treated lumber, composite, cedar, vinyl, and glass.


  • Good mechanics – high stiffness-to-strength ratio

  • Good dimensional stability

  • Temperature range: -40 to 100 °C (-40 to 212 °F)

  • Inherent sliding properties

  • Broad chemical resistance to solvents & cleaners

  • No environmental stress cracking

  • Excellent resilience – ability to recover to original shape after stress has been removed

  • Technical Name For Acetal: Polyoxymethylene (POM) (Celanese Hostaform/Celcon POM)

  • Other Common Trade Names: BASF Ultraform and Dupont Delrin.

  • Learn more about acetal here.

  • Learn more about hostaform (acetal’s technical name) here.

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