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Creating the perfect outdoor space means nothing if your neighbours can easily see you enjoying your lazy Sundays. From potted plants to outdoor curtains, use these deck privacy ideas to make sure the next time you’re enjoying your backyard, it’s in total privacy.


  • Plants are an inexpensive way of making your backyard deck more private, calming and serene. While the potted variety are equally as effective and can be set up quickly and easily, here are some of homeowners other go-to choices:
  1. Arborvitae
  2. Skip laurel
  3. Privet
  4. Holly


  • Outdoor curtains are an elegant addition to any backyard deck and protect your face from the scorching summer sun during family dinners and the prying eyes of a nosy neighbour.
  • Just make sure you choose a durable and weather-tested fabric that will withstand your local climate.


  • A privacy wall, readily available in any and all materials and colours, is the perfect no-fuss and year-round choice for shutting out the rest of the world from your space.
  • Our louver shutter and blinds system is perfect for a quick weekend installation. Easily manipulate the slats to control wind and rain flow to your liking and shield your face from a sharp summer’s sun.


  • Whether you want a long-lasting solution or a temporary and easy-to-remove seasonal fix, a privacy screen is an excellent way of improving your deck’s privacy.
  • Balcony screens and roller shades are great for short-term fixes, while metal and wood are perfect for anything long-term

Looking for some more inspo? Visit Pinterest today to see how homeowners use privacy screens, walls, curtains and plants to transform an out-in-the-open deck into a relaxing and private backyard oasis.